Financial risks and guarantees

Do your business partners require securities your company does not possess yet? Are you looking for a solution to finance your performance in a certain deal? Is your credit limit with the bank exhausted? Alpha can provide you with the suitable bonds your company needs. Surety bonds are contractual relationships where we vouch with our good name towards third parties for your obligation as a contractor.

Are you looking to optimize the contract price, to start a new project and you want to announce a tender? Our surety solutions are for you. We will review the financial position of the potential contractors and will provide you with irrevocable guarantee of their performance.

Do you want to make your offer more attractive, to persuade your new customers in the quality/ timeliness of your future work? We can help.

Our strong side is our team- our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in provision of Surety& Bond solutions. Our decision making process is swift, we provide full assistance with fixing proper performance delivery terms.