Real estate is an important part of your capital. Its damage due to unforeseen occurrence can be a cause of high costs. With property insurance you will be calm in case of any danger and will not have to incur unplanned expenses.

What do we insure?

Building, house, apartment
Household items
Indoor integral elements of living space

Which Risks Will Be Covered?

Fires, explosions, thunder.
Natural disasters:
Storm, Hurricane, Flood, Downpour, Heavy Snow, Hail, Earthquake, Landslide, Avalanche
Flooding, water damage;
Smoke damage, breakage of glasses;
Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Vandalism or attempted of those actions.
Vehicle collision

Third party liability insurance

With Third Party Liability Insurance, in case if you cause damage to your neighbor's property by flooding, exploding, damaging water pipes or negligent action we will reimburse your costs.

Loss of rent or rental income

If you did not get your rent because your property has been damaged and become unsuitable for living, we will reimburse the costs.

I want to insure my property.

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